Individual Counselling Service

We understand that counselling is probably a new experience for most people, and there may be apprehensions about seeking help.

At Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy we understand these difficulties, and will aim to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to explore any problems you may be experiencing.

You might go to counselling to help with a specific problem, to help resolve conflicts or to gain greater confidence and personal understanding. Whatever your issue may be, our individual counselling service allows you to work on a one-to-one basis with your therapist, with the aim of making positive life changes.

You will generally have weekly appointments with your therapist in our confidential and comfortable counselling room. You can bring thoughts and feelings, which you may not feel able to share with friends or family. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do, or give advice or guidance but will help you to make your own choices.

We believe each individual has their own subjective life experiences, and therefore requires a unique service personalised to your specific requirements.

Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy can offer help to a range of problems, including the following;

• Abortion

• Abuse – Emotional, Physical or Sexual

• Addictions – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Internet, Sex or Smoking

• Adoption

• AIDS support

• Anger

• Anxiety – General, Panic or Phobias

• Attachment

• Bereavement

• Birth trauma

• Body dysmorphic disorder

• Bullying

• Cancer support

• Career counselling

• Carer support

• Child related issues

• Debt counselling

• Depression

• Disability

• Eating disorders – Anorexia nervosa, Binge eating disorder or Bulimia nervosa

• Exam concerns

• Gender dysphoria

• HIV support

• Hoarding

• Infertility


• Low self-confidence / self-esteem

• Mental health

• Miscarriage

• Passive aggressive behaviour

• Postnatal Depression

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Pregnancy

• Redundancy

• Relationship issues

• Self-harm

• Sexuality

• Spirituality

• Stress

• Suicidal thoughts

• Trauma

• Work related Stress

This list gives an overview but is not exclusive; therefore if your problem does not appear on the list, or is hard to describe, please make contact and we will endeavour to help you.


We offer a free initial consultation.

If you would like ongoing sessions they are pre-payable and charged at £40 per 50 minute session, please refer to the Payment page for more information.

Online counselling for individuals.

Skype and email counselling is offered as a service. This may be beneficial if you have time restrictions, restricted mobility, are housebound, live in remote areas or struggle with childcare. Skype is free computer software that permits people to chat face-to-face, in real-time, through their computer screens. Skype is speedy to download and so long as you have a web camera and microphone, you will be able to be seen and heard by anyone at any point in the world for free, if you have the programme and equipment in place. A high speed broadband connection, webcam and microphone are required to access this service. Skype counselling can save you time and money, as you do not have to factor in travel to and from sessions. If you happen to be away from home for travel or business, you can still access your counselling sessions as long as you have the technology in place. Skype counselling is not recommended if you are at risk of suicide, in an acute crisis, or have serious mental health issues. Couples counselling and children and young people’s counselling is excluded from this service. Sessions cannot be recorded or distributed under any circumstances. Skype counselling follows the same format as face to face counselling, where a time and date is arranged for an initial consultation. You will need to ensure you can be online at the appointed time, in a quiet and confidential setting where you will not be interrupted or overheard. Together we can decide if the service is the best option for you and answer any questions you may have. If you want to arrange on-going Skype counselling, it works on a pre-payment basis where payment is made by the secure PayPal link on the payment page. A contract will be emailed out to you for you to sign and return. If this is a service you are interested in you can contact for further details.