Child and Adolescent Counselling Service

At Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy we have worked with many children and young people over the years, and understand how difficult it can be growing up; especially when balancing educational pressures, friendship and relationships. It can be a tough time in your life, and it can take its toll on your emotional wellbeing. This can be especially hard to deal with when you feel limited in your choices and independence. Friends or family are not necessarily the people you want to share your problems with at times like this, and it can be difficult to talk. If you wanted to talk about your problems to someone who will listen without judgment or criticism this is where we can help.

Counselling is also special because we promise our clients confidentiality. We do this because we understand that it is impossible for you to be completely honest with a counsellor if you are worried that what you say might be reported to parents or teachers or social workers.

To be honest, the rules on confidentiality for young people and children are a little complicated, but what we can say is that, generally speaking, we never tell anyone what you have told us, unless we believe that either you or someone you have told us about is in serious danger.

Issues Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you with:

• Abuse; physical, emotional or sexual

• Anger and Aggression

• Anxiety

• Behavioural problems

• Bereavement

• Body worries

• Bullying

• Career counselling

• Depression

• Difficulties in relationships

• Eating problems

• Emotional problems

• Exam worries

• Family and Step-family relationships

• Friendships

• Loneliness

• Loss

• Low self-esteem or low confidence

• Relationships

• School, College or University concerns or phobias

• Self-harm

• Sexuality

• Stress

• Trauma

But don’t worry if your particular problem is not in this list or seems embarrassing, strange or silly. We will be happy to see you whatever it is that you want to talk about.

Information for Parents/Guardians

At Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy we understand that Counselling for children and young people may differ from counselling for adults, and will depend on the child’s age, specific difficulties and their development. Different methods may be used to encourage young children to be able to express their difficulties, such as play therapy, sand tray therapy or art therapy. Adolescents often prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both, and the counselling approach will depend on the particular individual. Although different methods may be used for counselling children and adolescents, the aim of counselling is ultimately the same; to help the individual cope better with their emotions and feelings, and encourage personal awareness, empowerment and autonomy.

From our point of view, your son or daughter has the right not to tell you about what is discussed in his/her meetings with our counsellor and we ask that you respect that right. We fully understand that, at times, a lack of information about what is going on in your child’s counselling may cause you to feel excluded, frustrated or even quite angry. But as professionals working to strict codes of practice, we cannot disregard the fundamental principle that whatever is discussed in a counselling session is always kept confidential unless we come to believe that, by maintaining client confidentiality, someone’s personal safety or well-being could be put at serious risk.

Full DBS/CRB checks can be presented on request.


We offer a free initial consultation.

If you would like ongoing sessions they are pre-payable and charged at £30 per 50 minute session, please refer to the Payment page for more information.

If under the age of 18, parental consent to attend counselling is required.